Menagerie’s Halloween Haunt – Winner!

October 24, 2008

Our Winner is…..

Krista from Missouri


We had a VERY CLOSE second place entry.  Only 3/10ths of a point separated them! 

Here is the breakdown of the top-ten (based on three judges, independently scoring… and, avering the scores):

We had such a blast reading the stories, posts, and book recommendations!  For those who participated, we really appreciate it!

Krista, our grand prize winner, will win the HALLOWEEN BASKET O’ FUN! 

Madaline and Anna will each receive a Halloween Suprise!

Best to all!

Happy Haunting!


Menagerie’s Halloween Haunt

October 5, 2008

Oh, My Friends….

The Time is Near….

When Gouls, Goblins & Horrors Appear!


Come one, come all … if you dare!

It’s time to put on OUR HALLOWEEN SCARE!