October 24, 2008

‘Dancing’ Pros Should Probably Shut Up

Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke


(AOL, LLC: Oct. 23) – ‘Dancing With the Stars’ professionals Louis van Amstel and Maksim Chmerkovskiy probably don’t have many female friends.  The pros are both speaking up about fellow dancers, Cheryl Burke and Lacey Schwimmer, who they say need to lose weight.

“If you want to gain weight, it’s your prerogative. We all put on weight because there was no summer tour. But you have to deal with the consequences,” van Amstel tells TV Guide.
“When I first saw these women this season, I said, ‘Guys, you know the camera adds 10 pounds. You have to do something about this,'” Chmerkovskiy adds.

“[People] look at this show to be inspired and think, ‘If I just work hard enough, I can look like that.’ If they watch someone who’s dancing her butt off and she’s still heavy, they can be discouraged. You have to take responsibility,” van Amstel finishes.



I mean, who are we kidding here?  I’d call them beautiful.  I’d call them talented.  I’d even call them athletic, slim, skinny, or fit.  BUT, I’D NEVER CONSIDER THEM OVER-WEIGHT.  Louie and Maksim can just “SUCK IT!”


DWTS: Season’s Half-Way Point Is Full-Blown Entertainment!

October 20, 2008

October 20th…


What a night and such a smart change in the platform of the show.  This week, they had the couples dance head-to-head on 4 new styles of dance: West Coast Swing, The Hustle, Salsa, & The Jitterbug.  Way to go, ABC!  I dug it.  The show was organized better, and the viewers could better compare one couple against the other!

Before I get into my commentary on the couples, some general observations that I wanted to share with you!

  • Len wanted to get “down and dirty” tonight?  Is Len feeling frisky?
  • Harold Wheeler and The Band were ON FIRE!  Even my kids said… who is that band?  They are so good!  They sound just like the album song!  A shout out to Harold!  Hollah!
  • I hated Samantha Harris’ “do” this week.  It looked icky.
  • Who is that hunkie guy sitting behind Bruno that we get to gaze at during Bruno’s comments? 

The “low-down” on this week’s couples:

Brooke & Derek

I’m going to get “boo’s” for my commentary on them this week.  The song they danced to was “Don’t Be Cruel” by the infamous Elvis Presley… I’m going to be cruel… I apologize… I apologize!

They had The Jitterbug and faced off against Julianne & Cody.  Derek was not familiar with this dance, so he did INTERNET RESEARCH to improve their routine!  Ahhh, the Internet!  First, in the film of their practicing, Derek is wearing a scrunchie in his hair.  E-gads!  That’s not hunkie!  But, my daughter still thinks he’s cute.  According to Derek, the Internet research claimed the dance should look like a cartoon.  I guess, that it did. 

The judges LOVED IT.  Len told Derek that he had hair “like a bird sanctuary” and that Len had the same hair as Derek in 1959.  But, his hair was amuck in the scoring section, so Cloris went and licked her hand and fixed it during judging! 

The Judges’ scores…

Carrie Ann Inaba: 10
Len Goodman: 9
Bruno Tonlioni: 10
What?  Did nobody see it when they weren’t in sync with each other?  Sigh.  Whatever.


Julianne & Cody

I loved, loved, loved their Jitterbug!  But, then, I Love Lucy! 

They did a dance in the I Love Lucy Theme that was straight on the mark!  From their looks (loved Julianne’s hair), to their costumes, to their moves… they had it down!  Cody even had his hair dark!

In the rehearsal film, Julianne nearly killed Cody with the lifts (poor Cody).  But, by showtime, he had them!  Before the performance, the film also showed Cody telling us that he was going to take Brooke down and that “America needed change”, implying he was the one to bring it!  It made me smile!

Did I say that I loved the dance?  I guess I did.

The judges seemed to really like it.  But, after they gave their scores… which should have been higher than Brooke & Derek’s… the crowd boo’d the judges!  I boo’d too!  In my never to be humble opinion, they won the Jitterbug, hands down!

The Judges’ scores…

Carrie Ann Inaba: 10
Len Goodman: 9
Bruno Tonlioni: 9
TOTAL SCORE: 28 (What?)


Cloris & Corky (aka “Clorky”)

They had the Salsa this week.  Oh, no!  More groping from Corky all over Cloris.  No more “Grabby Grabby, Corky…”  No, my wish did not come true!

I loved the rehearsal film showing Cloris with her fans.  Very cool!  She’s the hippest 82 year old I’ve ever seen.  For her to make it to the 1/2 way mark was huge!  I loved Cloris’ eyeshadow, super electric.  I also really liked Corky’s shoes… ultra cool! 

The dance was okay.  I liked it, other than Corky’s constant molestation of Cloris, including the boob grab.  Yes, the DOUBLE boob grab.  Ugh.  

Now, to the judges’ remarks.  Bruno said, “The Old Girl can still turn a trick!”  When it came to Carrie Ann’s turn, Cloris apologized to her profusely for “being born.”  Then, Cloris asks Len how old he is after he mentions to her that she is older than he is.  Len tells her he’s 64.  Cloris then proceeds to tell him that he’s a “baby.”  Len tells her that she’s “hotter than a chili pepper.”

But, the best part of all is in the Red Room.  When Samantha asks Cloris what character Corky had her portray for this dance, she can’t remember the exact name of the character… “it was the something ho.”  As she is trying to think of it, asking her co-stars, Corky is “whispering ‘sweet nothings’ into her ear,” but it looked disgusting.  ICK!  Then Cloris says, “A Skanky Ho!”  YEAH!  I love the word SKANK!  Whoo-HOOOO!  Go Cloris, it’s your birthday, Go Cloris, it’s ya’ birthday!

 The Judges’ scores….

Carrie Ann Inaba: 7
Len Goodman: 7
Bruno Tonlioni: 7
TOTAL SCORE: 21 (Is that enough to beat Susan?  Fingers crossed!)


Maurice & Cheryl 

The Salsa competitors!  They were great.  Of the two couples, they won the Salsa, no contest!

The costumes were frickin’ awesome.  I loved the colors!  Cheryl was really mean to Mo in the rehearsal film.  She accused him of being lazy and not caring.  I don’t know if that what spurred him onto this great performance, but her chastising helped!  They were really in-sync, and hot, hot hot!  Cheryl is not as familiar with Latin as she is ballroom, so it was a bit tough on her, too!  But, she choreographed a very classic Salsa, with all of the right ingredients!  Ole!

The dips during the spins were tremendous.  Although, I’m sure they didn’t get 1/2 the praise as the lifts of the other couples… but, they are very hard to do right.  Also, Cheryl’s head drop down to Mo’s foot and the bounce up!  TERRIFIC!  Plus, Mo was shaking his “Boo-Tay” and did a great back-bend himself!  

The judges seemed to really like it.  Carrie Ann loved it and called Mo over for a hug.  Really good comments from the judges.  P.S. Mo’s boogey’ing down the steps at the beginning made me giggle out loud.

The Judges’ scores…

Carrie Ann Inaba: 9
Len Goodman: 9
Bruno Tonlioni: 9
TOTAL SCORE: 27 (Good.)

Lance & Lacey

They got The West Coast Swing.  Now, Lacey’s entire family are swing dancers and she’s a national W.C.S. champion.  So, we expected a lot.

Some background that I’d like to share.  As I’ve mentioned before, I fell in love with Lacey’s dancing on So You Think You Can Dance.  Her brother, Benji, was a winner of this show 2 seasons before.  Their parents have a dance studio and raised them in dance.  In the rehearsal film, we see Lacey’s Dad.  Boy, does Benji resemble his father.  But, then the sappy part of the film… Lance goes on and on about how he was almost kicked out of In-Sync when it was being signed/developed because he was the worst dancer.  BooHooHoo, you rich boy!  Kinda made me gag.  Life could be a whole lot harder!  I saw you and Kathy Griffin in Australia!  You are so not hurting for anything!  Plus, you get hotter guys than me.

Moving onto the dance.  Lacey out danced him.  And, boy, did she get her hand slapped for it.  In addition, Lance fell on the slide.  But, Lacey looked super hot in her outfit and I really liked her hair. 

Lacey got a tounge lashing from the judges for not dancing more with her partner…. more like she was dancing around him.  Also, they said that it was “Dancing With the Stars, not Dancing Around the Stars.”  Oh, no, Lacey!  Bad Bad.  But, she think Len has it out for her anyway and keeps making comments about being the new girl.  Lacey… buck up!  Go get them next week!  Len even said that Lacey was “too much of a showboat!”  Atleast Lance danced better than Susan!

The Judges’ scores…

Carrie Ann Inaba: 7
Len Goodman: 7
Bruno Tonlioni: 7
TOTAL SCORE: 21 (Are you kidding me?  The same score as Cloris?  Highway Robbery!)


Toni & Alec

The West Coast Swing Opponents… well, not so much swing in their step!

First off, I totally assume and hope that is a wig Toni is sporting.  Her hair is so gorgeous, it better be!  Kudos to Toni.  She is just such a smokin’ hot chick!  Her body is insane and she is so beautiful.  I want to look exactly like her in my next life… please, God, please!  I like Toni.  I like Alec.   I didn’t like their dance.  I mean, it was okay.  But, not great.  Toni’s steps were precise, but the rhythm of their dance was way too slow!  Then, Bruno hated their moonwalk in the midst of it (even though it was Michael Jackson).  Len thinks that Toni needs to re-group because she has all of the attributes of a good dancer.  See?  He thinks she has a smokin’ bod, too!

The winners for the W.C.S.:  Lacey and Lance, although the judges scores didn’t agree with me on that one!

The Judges’ scores…

Carrie Ann Inaba: 7
Len Goodman: 7
Bruno Tonlioni: 8
TOTAL SCORE: 22 (So unfair!)

Susan and Tony

My, oh my… Susan’s broken two bones.  And, yet, she rallies!  She wants to dance.  Frown.  She’s going to try to dance The Hustle.

Everybody seems to love Susan, but me.  Let’s start with what I like about Susan:  great hair this week!  The cut and funky colors made you look great!  Also, cool boots, Suz!  She looked super sexy. 

Now, for my review.  First, the rehearsal film showing pics of her at Studio 51.  NO!  God, help! 

Now for my review, ahem.  The dance.  It’s like watching this:  Susan is counting, aloud in her head, “One and Two… Three and Four”  and on every count, she bounces her steps like a manequin doll, barbie cheerleader from The Valley of the Dolls.  Then, when she gets ready for a lift (yes, she stops and gets ready for the lift)… it’s like her head is saying aloud: “O.K., you can lift me now.”  THE HORROR!

OK, now the judges… Len tells her to get her knickers off and for Tony to get her out of her glass house.  Len then goes on to say that he wants it rough.  Oh, Len… you’re so naughty!  Are we talkin’ a little black leather?  Hmmm…

The Judges’ scores…

Carrie Ann Inaba: 7
Len Goodman: 7
Bruno Tonlioni: 8
TOTAL SCORE: 22 (Are you freaking kidding me?!?  Better than Lance & Lacey?  BOOOOOOOO!!!!!)




Warren and Kym

Every week, I love them more and more!

They not only got The Hustle… they KILLED IT!  They beat the pants, and go-go boots, off of Susan and Tony!  Well, anybody could…

The goods:  Kym’s outfit was killer rad!  Super electric funky hip disco chick!  She looked spectacular.  In my life after the one that I have with Toni Braxton’s body & looks, I want Kym Johnson’s body!  Holy smokes, Batman!  And, Warren.  I JUST ABSOLUTELY ADORE WARREN!  He’s so dreamy!  Come and dance with ME, Warren!  Me!  Pick me!

Their Hustle was to Fuuunnnnnkkky Town (do do do-dodo, do, do do do!)  Won’t you take me down, to FUNKY TOWN!?!  Yes, I want to go with Warren to FUNNNNNKY Town!  He was totally AWESOME.  The breakdown:

  • The Snake
  • Saturday Night Fever’s John Travolta Finger in the Air
  • The Robot
  • Moonwalk
  • The “Giddie Up”
  • The Remarkable Lifts
  • The “S” on the back of his vest.

The judges seemed to really like it.   Bruno’s sexed up comment was, “huge climax at the end!”  (Gag, Bruno!)  It’s too bad they didn’t judge it adequately.

The Judges’ Scores…

Carrie Ann Inaba: 8 (What?)
Len Goodman: 8 (You have to be kidding me!)
Bruno Tonlioni: 9 (At least has 1/2 a brain)
TOTAL SCORE: 25 (That’s just completely ridiculous.  Want to noodle whip the judges)


So…. my favorites of the night, in order of how much I loved them:

Kym & Warren

Maurice & Cheryl

Julianne & Cody

Lance & Lacey

Brooke & Derek

Toni & Alec

Cloris & Corky

Susan & Tony (Cool Daddy of twins with super white teeth)

Here’s the ABC Video Link:

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For more commentary on this week’s DWTS, visit Apooo’s Site… she’s got tons of good conversation on everything!


Tomorrow night’s guest is The Brian Setzer Orchestra.  I saw them live and I danced the night away under the stars to his killer music!  Next week, Len is gone and we’ll have a guest judge.  Hmmm….

The Sunday Salon: This Week’s Books & News

October 18, 2008

This Week’s Reads, News & Updates

I am exhausted.  I’ve definitely caught a flu bug, cold, or something.  But, I’ve had a lot on my mind and my “plate,” so I haven’t gotten sufficient rest.  I think I’m cranky (don’t you just hate that when you feel that way?).  For this week’s The Sunday Salon, I just wanted to update my co-bloggers, readers & friends on this past week’s “haps” and share my “stuff.”

  • NEW BLOGSITE:  I’m undergoing a site renovation.  I have been working on a new theme, colors, etc.  It’s coming along nicely.  I’m going to try to “self-host,” but I am totally scared.  I have not the slightest clue as to what I’m doing. Hopefully, the transition will work out okay and I’ll figure out the self-hosting rather quickly.  I just can’t wait to show everybody the new, improved site… and am hopeful that you all enjoy it.
  • THIS WEEK’S BOOKS:  I’m doing some book tours, so I haven’t posted as many reviews as I usually do.  I have reviewed The Lost Diary of Don Juan (post coming October 30th) and am currently finishing up Life After Genius (posting October 29th).  What I can report is that I did enjoy both reads and the forthcoming reviews are favorable.  I was able to post my review of The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.  My favorite part of this post is that somebody actually wanted to pick up one of his books to “check him out,” and noted so on my post.  She wanted to know my favorite one, if I could only recommend one… it was so hard… like picking out your favorite child.  So, I emailed her.  It was sooo cool!

  • THIS WEEK’S ENTERTAINMENT NEWS & HEADLINES:  I’m pleased to report that each week I will be sharing a sprinkling of entertainment news & current headlines.  I’m focusing on the news that isn’t necessarily “mainstream,” and is fun or quirky.  If you haven’t watched the “Joe The Plumber” video, it’s worth the couple of minutes.  If you caught it on TV, don’t waste the time… but, it’s pretty humorous, the press, that it.  DWTS is coming up tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to writing an update on the show.  The video herein is the most current ABC video feed on DWTS and shows the “countdown clock” as to the next show (fun, huh?).  My brother, Bill, keeps saying… “Cheryl Burrrrrr…..” because of how the announcer says “Cheryl Burke.”  Now the kids always say, when talking about DWTS, “Cheryl Burrrrrr….” 
  • [clearspring_widget title=”Dancing With The Stars on” wid=”47df2410700a0b8c” pid=”48f43d5f4dce5a55″ width=”300″ height=”250″ domain=””]

  • CONTESTS:  Well, I’ve written and reminded about Menagerie’s Halloween Haunt.  Entries are due by the 22nd.  I was really hoping for more entries due to the size of the prize…. so, if you or your kids have a story, a post, or a referral on a good scary book…. get your comment posted or email me at  I have a Second Chance Drawing for those who post the buttons on their blog post or sidebar, as well.  For all of you who have entered… thanks so much for your participation!  I appreciate it!  My kids are so excited to help me judge the entries!

  • BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH:  A Novel Menagerie and Thursday’s Thoughts are focused on promoting Breast Cancer Awareness.  I’ve prepared a button for your site, if you are interested in spreading the word… mainly to remind the women you know about self-exams and the benefit of mamograms.  Thursday’s Thought’s Contest for the week hasn’t received as many entries as I’d hoped for.  Since the “winning prize” is a donation to charity in the name of the winner, I may extend Thursday’s Thoughts for another week, rather than doing a new MEME/Contest next week.  I’m really keeping my finger’s crossed on spreading the word via posts and buttons (badges).  Thanks to Shana and Yasmin for all of their support on this effort.

Well, it’s time to take this cranky butt to bed.  Yes, that’s where I need to be!  I look forward to posting this week on The Fall Into Reading 2008 Challenge (where I’m at), Lit Flicks Challenge Update, and hopefully Home Girl and My Husband’s Sweethearts.

Entertainment News 10.14.08

October 14, 2008

Rocco & Karina Voted Off of the Show…

Well, Rocco, it’s too bad that you didn’t find that “musical bone in your body” next week.  But, you were fun.  Now, we will miss you and your Mom, too!  But, why did you invite Bruno down?  That was just pure “icky” watching him shake his “bumm.”  Eeewww!  No more of that! If you want to see video coverage of it, please see the ABC Video player in the DWTS 10.13.08 Wrap-Up Article.   It will show you Bruno’s moves (icky!)

Trista & Ryan are expecting baby #2.

At least there is a success story from The Bachelor series!  Congrats to Trista & Ryan on their upcoming baby.





Madonna and Guy Ritchie are “supposedly,” and “eminently” finalizing a divorce.


Well, I wonder if there is some truth to all of that gossip about her affair with the baseball hunkie.  Poor Guy…


Apparently, Maureen does tell all!

Sources report that there is a considerable amount of juicy sex gossip in this autobiography.  I’m not sure whether or not I want to know what “Marcia Brady” did…

More entertainment news later, folks…







DWTS: Monday Night Wrap-Up 10.13.08

October 14, 2008

DWTS:  Monday Night Madness!

The remaining couples this week are:

Brooke & Derek

They are very good.  This week’s Samba was predictably good.  Len Goodman was a bit flustered by the “sexiness” of the dance and didn’t like Brooke ripping off Derek’s glasses & opening his shirt, etc.   Bruno went over the top complimenting Brooke on her sexiness.  CarrieAnne did a decent job reviewing and rating.  Yep, same ole, same ole.  Probably will have great scores next week, too.  (yawn)

Cloris & Corky (aka “Clorky”)

Cloris and Corky did really well this week!  There was good technique, good drama, and a little fun sprinkled in.  She showed she can contend!  Bravo, Ms. Leachman!  And, we got a few antics out of her during the show.  I’m satisfied.  She got a vote!  And, she was awarded the title of Grand Marshall for the Rose Parade on New Years Day 2009 this week.  Go, Cloris!

Julianne & Cody

 Julianne is so breathtakingly beautiful that I don’t know how this poor boy concentrates!  But, he worked on his A.D.D. this week and it paid off!  He did a wonderful job staying focused and presenting a very good tango.  I do agree with the Tom, the host, his outfit did look like that of a bell-hop!  But, they were very good and deserve to remain in the competition.

 Lance & Lacey

My favorite couple!  Love Love Love, Lacey!  Lance isn’t bad…. I like him.  He’s a friend of Kathy Griffin’s… so, he’s in my “in crowd.”  Great tango tonight with the entire “goth”  theme.  They are just so well rehearsed and Lacey is my favorite from So You Think You Can Dance.  I voted for them like 4 times!

Maurice & Cheryl

So, I don’t remember very much about Maurice or the gold medals he won for our country… but, I am assuming that he is a much loved athlete that deserves my respect for what he earned for our country.  And, I do.  But, for the past two weeks… he just didn’t grab my attention and enthusiasm.  He’s apparently a good dad and he seems to try really hard.  But, no.  Ugh.  And, the red pants he wore tonight were not super flattering.  Did anybody read the People Magazine article on her being “fat” at a size 4?  ARE YOU F!%*king KIDDING ME?  I hate Plastic Land.

Rocco & Karina

More than anything else this week, I loved Rocco’s Mom.  Now, I do know who Rocco is and I understand he has an amazing following and is a good chef.  But, he is NOT a good dancer.  He seems to be a very nice man and also seems to have a good relationship with Karina.  Were they even together when this photograph was taken?  It looks like they photo-shopped her into the picture after the fact!   I also used to love Karina, but not so much anymore after her relationship with Mario, the boob job, the nose job, etc.  And, the way that Mario dumped her… that blew.  But, I think I’m just kinda over her… and prefer Kym and Julianne to her.  So… sorry, team… I’ve lost my gusto for you.

Susan and Tony

People still fuming over my wish upon a star to vanish Susan Lucci into thin air… back to All My Children and off of DWTS.  So, she comes and dances a tango tonight.  She got great scores.  The judges complimented her on her acting and passion.  WHAT?  She still looked like a robot to me.  Her “real life personality” (as shown on TV) comes across as her being the sweetest woman in the world.  Now, that makes me feel like total sh*t, because I really hate her on the show.  Not her as a person, but her dancing.  It’s like the Stepford Wife dance.  Please, please, please… somehow get her voted off.  I can’t take it!  But, I do like Tony.  Congrats, Tony, on the birth of your twins!

 Toni and Alec

Here’s another couple that I will get “boos” from.  Now, undoubtedly, Toni is gorgeous and very talented.  And, Alec… not so bad to look at.  And, I understand that she has a heart problem and that this is really overcoming odds for her.  That’s all great.  But, as beautiful and talented as she is… she just doesn’t bring that “X factor” to the screen for me.  It’s like I want her to break out of her shell and let it all out and she’s containing it within a bit.  Another couple that I think need to go…. sorry.

Warren and Kym

I just LOVE this couple!  Kym is such a sweet girl, great body, good dancer…. very sassy.  I’ve rooted for her since her partnership with Jerry Springer.  She’s just a cool chick!  Warren… oh, Warren, Warren, Warren…. how I love thee.  But, tonight… those brown pants were HIDEOUS!  Shoot the wardrobe department.  With yoru dance shoes, they made you look a bit fruity!  And, you’re all man, baby, all man!  Also, what happened this week with your “umph?”  It’s like you just skated this week.  Bring back the Warren from last week… that big strong man to toss me around in a gorgeous dress to a wonderful song… I want THAT Warren!  He’ll be back next week, I’m sure of it!


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For more commentary on this week’s DWTS, visit Apooo’s Site… she’s got tons of good conversation on everything!

Dancing With the Stars Wrap-Up 10.1.08

October 1, 2008

Kim & Mark



Kim & Mark

I’m totally and completely addicted to this show… always have been and always will be!

I have to say, that I was actually pulling for Kim to be voted off the show.  Everybody kept saying what a “surprise” it was to have her voted off.  Are they kidding?  Did they watch her?  Bruno was right… she was “more cold and distant than Siberia!”  It was like she couldn’t be bothered to actually try!

I can’t remember during which episode I watched, but she said to the cameras, “I want to stay so that I can wear more pretty costumes.”  WHAT?  Idiotic!

Then, all of the after-show interviews where everybody is going on and on about how “sweet” and “nice” she is and how she’s never “performed” before.  GAG ME WITH A SPOON!  Isn’t this the same Kim with Playboy, the sex tape, and a reality TV Series?  PPPAAAHHHLease!  Spare me.

I’m still rooting for Cloris… but, hope that she drops the serious act and gets drunk and verbally absuive again.  I really liked Warren Sapp with his Matrix Paso Doble with the eyeliner!  Go Warren!  Now, that guy has heart!  If Kim would have given it the same amount of heart… she’d still be in the running.

Jessica Simpson totally SUCKED last night.  Sorry, Jessica fans.  She sounded horrible and looked scared to death!  I really liked watching the dances to her songs, however… Cheryl Burke and Maksim C.  They looked like they needed to get a room.  And, guess what?  They were out at “One Sunset” the night before, hand-in-hand partying it up.  Apparently, they also left the club for a 10 minute “walk” behind the building.  Uh-huh… But, Maks says they’re “just friends” and that Cheryl’s been one of his best friends for years.  The entire time that the paparazzi is following them and interviewing them, he’s too busy with his BlackBerry to be bothered.  I hate Maks!  Such an ego-maniac! 

The other dancers to Jessica’s singing were Pasha and Anya from So You Think You Could Dance.  I actually saw them perform live in San Diego, and let me tell you… Pasha is friggin’ hot!  He can shake his boootaaay!  Their dance was RED HOT and blew every dance OUT OF THE WATER!

I’m kinda bored with Brooke Burke… I mean she’s hot, and a mom, and really good.. but, she bores me.  I don’t know why.

Julianne and that kid from Hannah Montana are doing well.  Is his name Corey?  Well, they’re good dancers, but he’s so young that he just totally bugs me.  But, my kids like him.  Speaking of which, when the Jonas Brothers and Jessee McCartney were on… it was like the Superbowl for them! 

Susan Lucci just does absolutely nothing for me.  She reminds me of when Jane Seymore was on. 

My FAVORITE FAVORITE now, besides Cloris, is Lacey and Lance.  Lacey was one of the final 3 finalists on So You Think You Can Dance two seasons ago.  I also saw her perform live and her brother was in the audience behind me making entirely too much racket.  Anyway, they’re so hip and cool!  I want them to win!

As for Toni, Mo, Misty, and the rest… I mean, they’re okay… but they never like THRILL ME.

Here are some videos I dug up if you have nothing better to do:

Her mother is so ridiculous…

Love Lacey!  Those toes!


Mario dilly-dallying with his computer screen – MAN, did he blow it with Karina!