Book Lover’s Reading Round Robin

Let’s live on the wild side…

Let’s read a book that…

…we didn’t order

…we didn’t get from a publisher (not that we mind!)

…we didn’t review for a book tour

…we didn’t get as a gift (or hand-me-down)

… we have “BOOO-KOOO” time to read


 This is how it will “fly”……

* Choose a book that you really enjoyed, for whatever reason… “The Robin’s Egg”

* Write a post.  In your post, name another blog’s site as the receiver of your Robin’s Egg (aka “The Nester”). (You may want to email them, or link to them so they know an Egg has been placed in their nest).

* The Nester has a choice…

(A)  Adopt your Robin’s Egg (which is a mystery), or

(B) Contact another blogger for a random book suggestion. 

In the event your Nester accepts your Robin’s Egg, you must reveal the book to them.  The Nester shall read your Robin’s Egg and subsequently review it on their post on or before February 15, 2009.  In the event your Nester takes Option B, the Recipient shall review and post about that random book assignment by February 15th, as well.  Keep in mind, if the Nester elects to go Route B, then your Robin’s Egg is still available and you may choose another blogger to “Lay the Egg” on!  Another note… you have to stick with Option B’s random suggestions if you elect Option B.  No further window shopping or bargaining for Robin’s Eggs!

* The Nester must then ALSO “Lay An Egg!”  That recipient shall then start the same process from the start with a new Nester… and so on, and so on!


If the Nester doesn’t want to participate (BOOO), that’s okay!  Just start again with another blogger.

If some body’s already “Laid An Egg” on you, you can respectfully decline your receipt of any further Robin’s Eggs…. or, if you’re insane, you can adopt another Robin’s Egg into your nest!  The best way to avoid too many Robin’s Eggs, would be to write a post when “You’ve Been Egged”…. share who “Egged You” and what’s now on your nightstand (a.k.a. TBR) and share who you’re Laying your Robin’s Egg on to continue the Book Lover’s Round Robin.

When you write your post and your review, in order to keep the Round Robin/Meme noticeable, please use the following badge:

This can also help others see if you’ve been “Egged” or not yet!

By the end, we should have all linked to other great sites, read books that we would have never dreamed of reading, and have gotten, well, you know… “egged” (ahem, I wanted to say the other word!)

If I omitted something in the rules, please feel free to contact me and I’ll amend the post!  Also, if you need help with posting the badge, please email me at and I’ll send you jiffy like instructions!

Best to All!


5 Responses to Book Lover’s Reading Round Robin

  1. Sher – This sounds fun. So, when we ‘egg’ someone, are we supposed to send them the book we suggest? I’m blond and I’m confused 🙂

  2. Sher says:


    When you place the Robin’s Egg… the recipient gets to choose if they want your “mystery egg” or plan B. If they pick yours, then you reveal it.

    Have fun!


  3. Soooooooooooooo …

    They pick it, I reveal it, then send them a book, right? Which they then read and review.

  4. Sher says:

    I’ll try to re-write it a bit clearer…

    You, Shana, pick a book blogger friend…. let’s call her Jane. You post about the Book Lover’s Reading Round Robin, including the rules. You post that you’ve laid a Robin’s Egg in Jane’s Nest. It’s a mystery egg. Jane gets two choices: (a) choose to crack open your egg and find out what book you’ve chosen for her/(him) to read (it’s not in your post), (b) the person can decline the challenge -or- (c) the person can go to another book blogger, write them, and ask them for a random book suggestion. If Jane goes with option (c), as outlined above, then Jane is stuck with whatever book their other blogger friend gives (no egg shopping). In the event Jane chooses to crack your egg, you let her know what your selection for her is. Provided that Jane didn’t elect not to participate, she has to read and review either your egg or the random assignment by 2.15.09. Jane must also post that she’s the recipient of a Robin’s Egg and she may place a Robin’s Egg in the nest of another book blogger. That’s how the chain continues. The chain can get long, or scatter… but the neat thing is that everybody links and everybody without it having to link back to a central source. But, the Robin Button identifies the meme (kinda like I Love Your Blog one that we did).

    Let me know if you wanna go for it!

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