DWTS: Monday Night Wrap-Up 10.13.08

DWTS:  Monday Night Madness!

The remaining couples this week are:

Brooke & Derek

They are very good.  This week’s Samba was predictably good.  Len Goodman was a bit flustered by the “sexiness” of the dance and didn’t like Brooke ripping off Derek’s glasses & opening his shirt, etc.   Bruno went over the top complimenting Brooke on her sexiness.  CarrieAnne did a decent job reviewing and rating.  Yep, same ole, same ole.  Probably will have great scores next week, too.  (yawn)

Cloris & Corky (aka “Clorky”)

Cloris and Corky did really well this week!  There was good technique, good drama, and a little fun sprinkled in.  She showed she can contend!  Bravo, Ms. Leachman!  And, we got a few antics out of her during the show.  I’m satisfied.  She got a vote!  And, she was awarded the title of Grand Marshall for the Rose Parade on New Years Day 2009 this week.  Go, Cloris!

Julianne & Cody

 Julianne is so breathtakingly beautiful that I don’t know how this poor boy concentrates!  But, he worked on his A.D.D. this week and it paid off!  He did a wonderful job staying focused and presenting a very good tango.  I do agree with the Tom, the host, his outfit did look like that of a bell-hop!  But, they were very good and deserve to remain in the competition.

 Lance & Lacey

My favorite couple!  Love Love Love, Lacey!  Lance isn’t bad…. I like him.  He’s a friend of Kathy Griffin’s… so, he’s in my “in crowd.”  Great tango tonight with the entire “goth”  theme.  They are just so well rehearsed and Lacey is my favorite from So You Think You Can Dance.  I voted for them like 4 times!

Maurice & Cheryl

So, I don’t remember very much about Maurice or the gold medals he won for our country… but, I am assuming that he is a much loved athlete that deserves my respect for what he earned for our country.  And, I do.  But, for the past two weeks… he just didn’t grab my attention and enthusiasm.  He’s apparently a good dad and he seems to try really hard.  But, no.  Ugh.  And, the red pants he wore tonight were not super flattering.  Did anybody read the People Magazine article on her being “fat” at a size 4?  ARE YOU F!%*king KIDDING ME?  I hate Plastic Land.

Rocco & Karina

More than anything else this week, I loved Rocco’s Mom.  Now, I do know who Rocco is and I understand he has an amazing following and is a good chef.  But, he is NOT a good dancer.  He seems to be a very nice man and also seems to have a good relationship with Karina.  Were they even together when this photograph was taken?  It looks like they photo-shopped her into the picture after the fact!   I also used to love Karina, but not so much anymore after her relationship with Mario, the boob job, the nose job, etc.  And, the way that Mario dumped her… that blew.  But, I think I’m just kinda over her… and prefer Kym and Julianne to her.  So… sorry, team… I’ve lost my gusto for you.

Susan and Tony

People still fuming over my wish upon a star to vanish Susan Lucci into thin air… back to All My Children and off of DWTS.  So, she comes and dances a tango tonight.  She got great scores.  The judges complimented her on her acting and passion.  WHAT?  She still looked like a robot to me.  Her “real life personality” (as shown on TV) comes across as her being the sweetest woman in the world.  Now, that makes me feel like total sh*t, because I really hate her on the show.  Not her as a person, but her dancing.  It’s like the Stepford Wife dance.  Please, please, please… somehow get her voted off.  I can’t take it!  But, I do like Tony.  Congrats, Tony, on the birth of your twins!

 Toni and Alec

Here’s another couple that I will get “boos” from.  Now, undoubtedly, Toni is gorgeous and very talented.  And, Alec… not so bad to look at.  And, I understand that she has a heart problem and that this is really overcoming odds for her.  That’s all great.  But, as beautiful and talented as she is… she just doesn’t bring that “X factor” to the screen for me.  It’s like I want her to break out of her shell and let it all out and she’s containing it within a bit.  Another couple that I think need to go…. sorry.

Warren and Kym

I just LOVE this couple!  Kym is such a sweet girl, great body, good dancer…. very sassy.  I’ve rooted for her since her partnership with Jerry Springer.  She’s just a cool chick!  Warren… oh, Warren, Warren, Warren…. how I love thee.  But, tonight… those brown pants were HIDEOUS!  Shoot the wardrobe department.  With yoru dance shoes, they made you look a bit fruity!  And, you’re all man, baby, all man!  Also, what happened this week with your “umph?”  It’s like you just skated this week.  Bring back the Warren from last week… that big strong man to toss me around in a gorgeous dress to a wonderful song… I want THAT Warren!  He’ll be back next week, I’m sure of it!


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For more commentary on this week’s DWTS, visit Apooo’s Site… she’s got tons of good conversation on everything!


3 Responses to DWTS: Monday Night Wrap-Up 10.13.08

  1. Bertha says:

    I love DWTS and I want Brooke to go all the way. You know what they say… if a girl can dance like that….. she can dance like that. I think Warren is doing a great job too!!! This season has a really diverse cast, i.e. Cloris and is wildly entertaining!

  2. Amy says:

    I love Cloris! But maybe I’m biased since one of my favorite movies is Young Frankenstein… 😉

  3. Yasmin says:

    Excellent post and same time next week!

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