The BlogHopper Challenge


There was a Bunny-Foo-Foo…

 Who Got Me Boppin’…

  Onto this BlogHopping Challenge


I was glacing through my incoming links and I found that a blog called A Reader’s Respite was linking to my site through an article written called “Little Bunny Foo Foo is Hoppin Thru.”  I totally remember “Little Bunny Foo Foo Hopping Through the Forest…” from when I was a kid.  Had to click.

This takes me back to Alpha Heroes who is hosting this challenge

For this challenge, I discover the rules are as follows:

    1. Starting here (for me, this was A Reader’s Respite), find a linked blog that you’ve never been to before. It does not have to be book-related. If none of the links in my sidebar are new to you, hit the BBAW list and start there.
    2. Go to the blog you’ve chosen and browse through the posts until you find something you find interesting. Leave a comment. Mention where you found the link. Mention of this challenge is optional.
    3. Using the links in THAT blog, repeat. If you find yourself somewhere that does not have any new-to-you links, go back to the BBAW list. Be sure to leave a comment in each location, mentioning where you found their site linked.
    4. Repeat until you have visited 10 new blogs.
    5. Write a post on your blog showing your bloghopping trail. Content is up to you; you can highlight your favorites, critique the sites, or just post the list of 10.
    6. I’d love it if you link back to this post.
    7. Optional: add your favorites to your own sidebar, or temporarily put up a blogroll widget with the 10 sites you visited.
    8. Optional: Come back here and leave a link to your post in comments.


So, my little bunny foo foo began.

  1. After A Reader’s Respite and Alpha Heroes, I first ended up at Kara’s Book Challenges.  Nice site… I may have been there before… but, today I took more time checking it out.
  2. That somehow led me to Amy’s Corner of the World.
  3. Which led me to Smart Bitches Trashy Books’ site.  This site is super neato.  I wish I knew how to self-host and all that stuff.  So cool!
  4. Onto the BookStack.
  5. I really liked the author’s picture on A Century of Nerve.  (She’s pretty.)
  6. An authors’ of first books site at 1st Books was next.
  7. Which led me to a similar site called The Debutante Ball.
  8. Then, I ran out.  But, Lisa M. of Books on the Brain had told me about She Just Walks Around With It… so, I went there for my final stop.

Oh, my Bunny Foo Foo… how I thank you so! 


7 Responses to The BlogHopper Challenge

  1. Michele says:

    HA! Love the bunny picture! And I love the name of this blog….so very clever. 🙂

  2. Nicola says:

    Glad you enjoyed the challenge!

  3. Amy says:

    Ok, that was interesting — but I hope it’s a good thing that you stopped off at my blog, or at least enjoyed it! 🙂

  4. Michele’s blog is awesome – and so is she. I’ve learned about several great sounding books from her.

  5. Sher says:

    I really did like Amy’s blog!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for hopping over to my site!

  7. Amy says:

    Great, thanks! And I love Dancing with the Stars, but adore So You Think You Can Dance…

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