Dancing With The Stars… Who’s Being Cut Tonight?



Starbright, Starlight…

First Star I See Tonight…

I Wish I May…

I Wish I Might…

Get Rid of Susan Lucci Tonight!


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I’m plainly cruel and Susan, please forgive me.  But, you are so stiff and I just don’t see you losing yourself to the music or the dance.  At least, Cloris does that.  Out of the remaining couples, the ones that deserve to stay are:

Kim & Warren Sapp – Oh, the moves of Warren!  Dance with me Warren!

Lacey & Lance Bass – Lacey ROCKS!

Brooke Burke &  Derek Hough – Brooke is a natural.

Julianne & Cody (he’s a kid, but a good dancer)

Cheryl Burke & Mo – Technically, they deserve it

I have to be frank about Cloris…. I was one of her biggest supporters… but, last night’s performance just didn’t feel authentic to me.  So, Carrie Ann Inaba said she missed the entertaining Cloris.  So, Cloris didn’t focus as much on the technique and went for the “hardy, har, har.”  But, the “hardy, har, har” wasn’t that funny… or, maybe I saw an edited version?  I don’t know.. just seemed more contrived.  I think she needs a martini before her next performance!  Also, if you’re a Cloris fan, visit www.Cloris.com… there’s a very naughty video of her spot in the Bob Sagat Roast (quite racy, Cloris!).

Rocco and Karina… yawn.  Rocco, next time keep on the blindfolds!  Even bigger yawn goes to Toni Braxton and Alex Mazzo.  Today’s Toni’s birthday, as such, she’s hoping to be voted to stay on the show.  Her costume was awful last night.  And, what is with all of the practicing to to a handstand and then they don’t use it in the routine?  The drama!

Best wishes to Misty May Treaner in her recovery of her Achilles tendon that SNAPPED in practice on Friday.  When you watched the show last night, you can actually hear, on audio, the sound of the snap!  EEEEWWWW~  And, who knew that Maks was nice?  That seems near to impossible.  Them fawning over how nice the other one was… well, strange is the only word I have for it.

Tonight, the results show is delayed due to the Presidential Debate… what?  The future of our country coming before Dancing With the Stars?  THE HORROR!




One Response to Dancing With The Stars… Who’s Being Cut Tonight?

  1. Lol. “what? The future of our country coming before Dancing With the Stars? THE HORROR!” Yeah, that’s funny. I know a lot of bloggers who seem to enjoy this show but I watch enough reality TV lol.

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