Soccer Mom’s Pride… and Angst!

She shoots…..

She scores!

I have a serious soccer mom mouth problem.  I jump, I shout, I carry on like a mad-woman.  I’ve tried everything short of drinking wine at the game to zip up the lips!  Nothing works.

I’ve sat alone at the edge of the field… I’ve sat in the mix of it.  Today, the Team Mom said, “sit by me” and she offered to help me with my compulsion to coach my daughters as to how they should play and where they should be.

I had The Story of Edgar Sawtelle  with me.  I thought this great book could keep me captivated.  Oh no, I read the same paragraph over and over again trying not to watch the other team go after a goal with my baby in as the GOALIE!

First off, I have twins.  One twin plays goalie the entire first half and the other twin plays goalie the second.  So if we lose, all eyes dart at me… my kid missed the ball and the other team scored is totally in their eyes… you just know it.  It’s too much pressure for me, as a mom.   But, the twins are both tall and naturally pretty decent at goal… I am proud.

My “oldest twin” Dee-Dee scored a goal again… second week in a row.  After she scored it, she did a running cartwheel in the field and grinned from ear to ear.  Parents came to high-5 me…. I stood up so fast, I got light-headed and nearly fell on the grass.  She is so prideful of her achievements and I am beaming with pride, as well.  But, you can tell the other twin is bummed because she didn’t score one yet this season.  How do I be elated for one and not hurt the other twin’s feelings?  I don’t know.

Now, I have to go and REFEREE a game.  Me, in yellow striped polyester in 90% humidity… 78 degree weather… running up and down a field with parents yelling at me from both sides.  Today is my first day as the “HR” (Head Referee).  I usually only do “AR” (Assistant Referee) because I am so chicken.  Today, is my venture into braveness and I just hope that the parents don’t follow me to my car shouting angrily at me because of my crappy calls!

I’m off… cleats and all. 

Wish me luck!



3 Responses to Soccer Mom’s Pride… and Angst!

  1. Yasmin says:

    Wishing you luck…how did it go?

  2. Sher says:

    My tushie hurts like you wouldn’t believe! It’s a good work-out. One of the coaches gave me some garbage… even though HER team won the game and she knew it was my first time ref’ing. Whatever.



  3. Sher, oy, yellow striped polyester. You’re such a good mommy!

    I understand how conflicted you feel about praising one in front of the other. I deal with that w/ mine who are 19 mos. apart. Not even twins. I can’t imagine how it is for you.

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