What’s Wonderful About Wednesday?

the little things

What I am thankful for today… what’s wonderful about this Wednesday… are all the little things that God puts into my life that are so small in comparison to the big picturebut, just put a smile on my face!

“What,” you ask, “are those things this week?”  (Well, you didn’t really ask… but, let’s pretend!)


My New Nine West Purse… it holds so much junk!  It’s soft and suede and has a pocket in the front that you can put your keys and cell phone into (it’s hidden, shallow, and totally cool!  You can ALWAYS find your keys!)

I got it on sale... $30 OFF!

I got it on sale... $30 OFF!


The twins that ACTUALLY GET ALONG in my house… babies Mannie and Moe (little baby blue tangs… you know, the “Dorie” fish) – BTW:  This is my little “nursery” tank for the babies.

The good twins

The good twins


In my BIG Reef Tank, I have three good-size Clown Fish (aka “Nemo’s”)… even though they are tank raised, they have this inner need to find an anenome host.  I’ve tried and tried to get them a host that they will enjoy, share, and that will survive!  No luck for the weary… but, we found this one yesterday.  It’s a large bubble anenome (green in the daylight) and it’s getting ready to split!  (What that means for you non-aquarium types is that it formed a 2nd mouth and is getting ready to split into two separate animals).  Isn’t that exciting…?  Then, each of the anenomes, God Willing, will grow to be as big as this one.  So, it will be like NEMO-Village soon enough!  

So, I brought home the anenome last night and right before I went to bed, I caught ALL 3 OF THEM nestling in the anenome together.  Now, I didn’t want to wake them up, so the pictures are a little tough… but, look, all three are in there!

If you look hard, you’ll see them 1,2,3 in a row right in the center of the picture.

This one maybe you can catch them all..

1, 2, 3....

1, 2, 3....

Nature is so freakin’ incredible!  How they have this symbiotic relationship where the anenome protects them and gives them a home and a breeding place… and the fish feed the anenome and protect it!  God has such cool blueprints!



2 Responses to What’s Wonderful About Wednesday?

  1. Ladytink_534 says:

    My dad has a big tank like this!

  2. I love those blue tangs. Gorgeous!

    A good bag is a wonderful thing. I’d love to get a new one, but after I bought my Coach bag, I promised my husband I wouldn’t buy a new one for FOREVER, and I haven’t bought one for going on four years now (but my mother-in-law usually gives me knock-offs for Christmas.)

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