I’m A Total Geek!


 It’s Geek-O-Rama Time!

I am the Greek Goddess of Geek!

Total Geek!

Complete Geek!

My Children are so Embarressed By Me Geek!

Talk to My Animals in a Cartoon Voice Geek!

Dance and Sing in Public Geek!

Sing in the Car So Loud That People Stare Geek!

Take the Kids to School in My Jammies Geek!

It’s so good to know that being a GEEK in this situation is good. “Whew!”  For this week’s entry, the books that I’d list as my “favorite” that were published in 2008… well, I still have quite a bit more to go!  I am currently reading The Lost Diary of Don Juan

Books that I have completed in 2008:


Unaccustomed Earth

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Gargoyle

Rhett Butler’s People

sTori Telling

Beautiful Boy

Certain Girls

Sunday’s At Tiffany’s

Free Style

The Safety of Secrets

Books on My Nightstand for Completion in 2008:

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Being Written

The Lucky One


Who is simply the BEST I’ve read in 2008, To Date: 

The Menagerie Geek Award goes to The Gargoyle!


3 Responses to I’m A Total Geek!

  1. Yay for The Gargoyle!

    I will be reading The Lost Diary of Don Juan in the next few weeks. Looking forward to knowing what you think of it.

  2. Sher says:

    Well, this isn’t my typical “genre” of books.. so, this will be an interesting challenge for me to see if I can have a completely open mind about reviewing it for the book tour.



    P.S. You can TOTALLY pull off the belly chain… but, did you see her body! UGH!

  3. Marg says:

    I have The Gargoyle here to read shortly and I am definitely planning on looking for The Lost Diary of Don Juan as well.

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