Dancing With the Stars Wrap-Up 10.1.08

Kim & Mark



Kim & Mark

I’m totally and completely addicted to this show… always have been and always will be!

I have to say, that I was actually pulling for Kim to be voted off the show.  Everybody kept saying what a “surprise” it was to have her voted off.  Are they kidding?  Did they watch her?  Bruno was right… she was “more cold and distant than Siberia!”  It was like she couldn’t be bothered to actually try!

I can’t remember during which episode I watched, but she said to the cameras, “I want to stay so that I can wear more pretty costumes.”  WHAT?  Idiotic!

Then, all of the after-show interviews where everybody is going on and on about how “sweet” and “nice” she is and how she’s never “performed” before.  GAG ME WITH A SPOON!  Isn’t this the same Kim with Playboy, the sex tape, and a reality TV Series?  PPPAAAHHHLease!  Spare me.

I’m still rooting for Cloris… but, hope that she drops the serious act and gets drunk and verbally absuive again.  I really liked Warren Sapp with his Matrix Paso Doble with the eyeliner!  Go Warren!  Now, that guy has heart!  If Kim would have given it the same amount of heart… she’d still be in the running.

Jessica Simpson totally SUCKED last night.  Sorry, Jessica fans.  She sounded horrible and looked scared to death!  I really liked watching the dances to her songs, however… Cheryl Burke and Maksim C.  They looked like they needed to get a room.  And, guess what?  They were out at “One Sunset” the night before, hand-in-hand partying it up.  Apparently, they also left the club for a 10 minute “walk” behind the building.  Uh-huh… But, Maks says they’re “just friends” and that Cheryl’s been one of his best friends for years.  The entire time that the paparazzi is following them and interviewing them, he’s too busy with his BlackBerry to be bothered.  I hate Maks!  Such an ego-maniac! 

The other dancers to Jessica’s singing were Pasha and Anya from So You Think You Could Dance.  I actually saw them perform live in San Diego, and let me tell you… Pasha is friggin’ hot!  He can shake his boootaaay!  Their dance was RED HOT and blew every dance OUT OF THE WATER!

I’m kinda bored with Brooke Burke… I mean she’s hot, and a mom, and really good.. but, she bores me.  I don’t know why.

Julianne and that kid from Hannah Montana are doing well.  Is his name Corey?  Well, they’re good dancers, but he’s so young that he just totally bugs me.  But, my kids like him.  Speaking of which, when the Jonas Brothers and Jessee McCartney were on… it was like the Superbowl for them! 

Susan Lucci just does absolutely nothing for me.  She reminds me of when Jane Seymore was on. 

My FAVORITE FAVORITE now, besides Cloris, is Lacey and Lance.  Lacey was one of the final 3 finalists on So You Think You Can Dance two seasons ago.  I also saw her perform live and her brother was in the audience behind me making entirely too much racket.  Anyway, they’re so hip and cool!  I want them to win!

As for Toni, Mo, Misty, and the rest… I mean, they’re okay… but they never like THRILL ME.

Here are some videos I dug up if you have nothing better to do:

Her mother is so ridiculous…

Love Lacey!  Those toes!


Mario dilly-dallying with his computer screen – MAN, did he blow it with Karina!


2 Responses to Dancing With the Stars Wrap-Up 10.1.08

  1. Okay, so I’ve never watched this show (I know, I know.) But I LOVED reading your wrap-up. You’re hilarious, girl!

  2. Sher says:

    Shana: You should watch at least 1 show! That way, you’ll be in the “IN CROWD.”!!!!

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