Head On Over to Thursday’s Thoughts…

This week's contest is dreamy!


We’ve got this week’s winner…

And, a new weekly contest!

Please click on over to Thursday’s Thoughts for this week’s MEME and contest.. yes, still will have the weekly MEME topic and the corresponding prize. 

This week is centered around our reading and our dreams…

The prize is a book, delivered to your door-step, from Amazon.com.

Again, the work is pretty simple…

Write a post about the topic.

Leave me a comment on my blog.

Include the link to your article/post on the topic.

And, away we go!

All of the contest rules… i.e. deadline, etc. are included on Thursday’s Thoughts.  In addition to the prize you win, your blog will be added to Thursday’s Thought’s Blogroll for all readers to link over to for years, yes years, to come! (How corny!)

P.S. – This is open to Non-Bloggers… you can just write your entry as a comment and ensure that I have your email address. 

Good Luck!



2 Responses to Head On Over to Thursday’s Thoughts…

  1. Icedream says:

    Hmm, I tried to post a comment on Thursday’s Thoughts page. Either it will show up a few times or not at all. So far, not at all. For some reason I get a message post and cancel? Well, for what it’s worth I posted this weeks answer at: http://readinginappalachia.blogspot.com/2008/09/thursdays-thoughts.html

  2. I am definitely going to check out this meme! I have been a very bad blogger with my memes recently. Maybe I just need something new. 🙂 BTW, I also still owe you a post for sleeping is overrated. I promise to post that very soon. I haven’t forgotten.

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