What’s Wonderful About Wednesday 9.24.08

What’s Wonderful About Wednesday: 


There is no doubt about it!  I love to knit!  I’m finding that the more that I focus on my book blog, the less and less time that I am spending on my knitting.

Today, I stocked up for a wonderful piece of work that will be a black and silver blanket.  It’s got fuzzies and beads, and all kinds of unexpected details lined up.  I can hardly wait to dive into it.

I have made scarves and the typical pieces, but blankets are my passion!  I made one for my brother and his wife for Christmas one year.  I’ve also made several baby blankets for friends and family.  My computer blew up last year, so I don’t have any pictures of the blankets that I’m so proud of.  In my heart, I remember them all, equally.

 I own dozens of knitting books, pattern books, needles, pins, markers, yarns (maybe, several dozen), and knitting goodies.  Knitting actually changed my life…

 My kitties attack my yarn, too!Self-taught (with some help along the way), I made many a mistake in the beginning.  My first baby blanket, after I took it off the circular needles, ended up the size of Godzilla’s scarf.  It was absolutely hysterical!  So, I dedcided to do a practical joke on my friend Jamie, who was having the baby.  At her baby shower, I packaged up “Godzilla’s Scarf” in a box and presented it to her as her baby gift.  Now, we worked together so she knew that I was knitting her baby a blanket and that I was keeping it a secret (the actual appearance) until the shower.  When she opened that box… and the blanket kept coming, and coming, and coming… her face didn’t move.  I don’t know if she was trying to be gracious, or what!?!  But, the entire room went silent.  When I started to laugh, the room joined in… I told my story and handed Jamie the replacement blanket… not made for a monster!  She ended up keeping the long scarf and uses it on her bed at the foot of her bed as a runner.  It actually matched her room nicely.


I’ve had the pleasure of teaching others how to knit, since then.  I’ve taught friends and children… and family.  I’ve also taught the twins.  It’s a wonderful way to work out excess energy of the hands… I have those nervous hands that have to be doing something… or I want to throw them at my mouth… this hand mouth thing.. not fun… just think of the beautiful manicures I’ve destroyed.  It also helped me decrease my smoking intake from 1/2 pack a day, to only a few a week.  (I still have those last 1-2 to go…. but, those are VERY QUICKLY going away because I’d rather be blogging).  See, these good habits are replacing the bad!?!


 What’s Wonderful About Wednesday:  The Beautiful Art of Knitting! 


4 Responses to What’s Wonderful About Wednesday 9.24.08

  1. Ladytink_534 says:

    I always wanted to learn how to knit and sew.

  2. Shana says:

    Sher, that yarn is gorgeous. The muted sorbet colors, it looks so soft I can almost feel it.

    Loved the story about the Godzilla scarf.

    I belonged to a knitting group when we lived in Lexington, KY and it was so much fun to get together and chat while we worked. I miss it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. bexadler says:

    Aw, I love to knit too! Funny though, I never seem to be able to get into it until it’s already cold out. Something about having wool in my hands in 100-degree weather just doesn’t sit right with me.

    I can’t wait to see how the blanket turns out!

  4. Anna says:

    I loved this post! I love finding book bloggers who also knit…just like me! From time to time I post my knitting projects on my blog, but I haven’t knit much lately. My passion is socks! I admire people who can knit blankets. I love knitted/crocheted blankets, but I really don’t have the patience for such big projects. I hope you post more knitting here!

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