NO Restraint… NO Logic… HELP!

Out Of Nowhere…. A Compulsion!

Well, I had seen on Oprah’s Book Club that this book (left) was being added to the “list.”  I have to be honest, all of the books that I’ve read off of the list (The Five People You Meet in Heaven, White Oleander, Love in the Time of Cholera) have been WONDERFUL!  I’ve ordered I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, and that’s on the list… already I’m hearing that I will love that book.

I wasn’t sure about this one… The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.  But, then I was perusing Book Room Review’s Site (niiiiice site, by the way), and the review on there clinched it for me….

Imagine, robotic sound in my head: 

“You must buy this book today.  Buy this book.  Do not wait. Press the buttons… yes, has free shipping… so, it’s less expensive.  Go.” 

God, I hate that ROBOTIC, all-consuming, won’t-leave-it-alone voice!  It’s a done deal.  It’s ordered.  Now, I don’t want to know too much about this book so that I have little expectations going into to… but, I can assure you that Book Room Review’s Posting on this is what you want to read if you are at all curious about this book.  Heck, she got me to buy it instantly.  Oh Lord, help me… I’m weak.

Now to the rest of you Bloggers… Yes, YOU!

I’ve seen a’many of you Bloggers with this adorable little face (to your right, yes, that furry one with those eyes!) on your blog sites.  I have three, (yes, I know), ah-hemmm… three cats at home.  All adopted… all loved (well, one is a pain).  In any event, I had an orange (maybe butterscotch) and white tabby who passed away two years ago.  Mako was the LOVE of my life.  He was there for me in ways that no human could have been during such a very difficult time.

Anyway, there’s that face…. staring at me.  ROBOTIC voice enters….

“Sher, you must buy this one, too.  Ignore the other 10 books you just ordered, this one needs to be read by you.  ORDER now.  Look, Amazon.Com gives free shipping when you spend $25… and the Edgar Book is only $14… This would give you free shipping and save you $5.  NOW!  Push the button, Sher.”

And, so it was said… and, so was it done.  I’ve glanced at the topic of this book and I hope to enjoy it.  I know many of you have read it and reviewed it.  I can’t wait to get this under my belt and cross link it to your reviews.  This is ALL YOUR FAULT!

My daughter, Colie, reading in bed with Mako... God, I miss him!

My daughter, Colie, reading in bed with Mako... God, I miss him!

Holy Moly.  Now, do I add these books to the list of my Fall Into Reading 2008 Challenge?  Yes, I think so.  I know they’ll make their way up there in the pile.

How do y’all stay faithful to the order of books TBR in your pile?  Do you manipulate them… move them around… give some new ones priority over old ones?  What if you are a Book Tour Host… you have dates that you must respond to… those have to be priority… yes?

Speaking of Book Tours… goal has been achieved… I’m doing my first review on a book tour in October.  Yippee!  I so want to do my best job on that one!

Well, I should be reading and NOT writing…off to the patio for a glass of iced tea and The Gargoyle.

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7 Responses to NO Restraint… NO Logic… HELP!

  1. Yasmin says:

    LOL…I just won a copy and I’m geeked…thank God I can read it on my own timeframe as I probably won’t get to it this month…and that Fall into Reading/Books Challenge…it’s set…well sort of…hehe.

  2. Sher says:

    Which did you win a copy of?

  3. Tracy says:

    Oh my gosh, You made my day:) Thanks for the compliment. Have you bought the book already? If not e-mail me and I will give you the review copy request e-mail that you can try and get it but I don’t know if they would send it out now that it’s an Oprah book, but its worth a try! Tracy

  4. lisamm says:

    Hey, I can’t wait to hear what book you’re doing for a tour!! So funny because I was planning to offer you one today through TLC.. which I still will if you want it. I’m not sure yet if it will be a November tour or a December tour.. probably December but I’m waiting to hear. Anyway, I’ll tell you more about it once I have that confirmed.. but let’s just say you are the perfect candidate to host 🙂

  5. Shana says:


    Now you must tell us what book tour you’re doing. Is it one of the Early Bird tours? I think I remember seeing your URL there.

    That new Oprah pick is tempting.

    As far as prioritizing books, I keep an Excel spreadsheet with title, where it came from, date I received it, and release date or tour date or date I’ve committed to the review or my book club date.

    That is how I prioritize, for the most part. There are also surprises along the way, such as this month when I was offered the opportunity to read Immortal and participate in The Literate Housewives discussion.

    Those dates are pretty hard and fast, and I don’t deviate much because I’ve commited to something.

    It means I don’t do much other reading at this point because my reading schedule is pretty full for the next two months.

  6. Kristina says:

    Sher, I cannot believe you posted that about Edgar Sawtelle today. Probably while you were posting, my son and I ventured to the mall…..just to look around because I need a few new clothes for the winter. Then I happened to wander into Borders and heard the robotic voice tell me to buy Edgar Sawtelle today. So on impulse lol I bought it! My husband is gonna kill me!

  7. Anna says:

    It’s sometimes hard to manage the rising tower of books, but I actually enjoying watching my book shelves overflow because I love reading and read a lot! I have a notebook where I keep track of books I’ve accepted for review and book tours, and I’ll read the books for tours well in advance–those are given top priority. My rule of thumb is not to accept more books than you can review by the deadlines. Even if there are no deadlines, you want to be sure you can review them in a timely manner; it’s only fair to the publishers and authors who provided them. And if I want to slip in some non-priority reading, those books go on my nightstand; the others I read during my lengty work commute. I don’t read too much before bed, but I can sneak in a few minutes here and there.

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