Blogging 365…. J. Kaye Got Me!

Sleep is TOTALLY Overrated!

Well, one of my favorites, Ms. J. Kaye has tagged me to continue the meme topic of writing about five specific ways that blogging has affected you…. either positively or negatively. 

O.K. – Here’s my attempt at an answer for the topic:

Blogging has given me an outlet to release my creative side that has been stifled under my psyche and responsibilities for entirely too long!  I am a creative person who has spent the last 22+ years negotiating contracts and working with numbers.  I’m not complaining about that… it’s just that my career and my passion, unfortunately are two different things.  I was a performing arts major (emphasis in musical theatre)… however, ended up in the business world.  I suppose there’s considerably more money in that and you can afford to eat food…  Yes, the trade-off is there!  Now, I am the owner of 5 blogs:

  • First is A Novel Menagerie Book Reviews & Tales of My Menagerie.  This is my main blog, my passion and what I will pour my heart into.
  • Second is Thursday’s Thoughts A Weekly Meme/Contest for me to get to know my readers and fellow bloggers
  • Third is TNCK9Adventures This hasn’t launched as of yet, but will be coming soon.  It will be a work of fiction, from the viewpoint of the animals in the story and it’s purpose will be to raise money for animal charities world-wide.
  • Fourth is CommercialREInfo – This will be a blog consisting of articles that I write regarding my what I’ve spent the last 22+ years doing:  Commercial Real Estate.  This hasn’t launched as of yet, but will be coming soon.
  • Last is EverythingTori – This will be a “just for fun” blog about Tori Amos, Tori Spelling, and my dog Tori.  This site hasn’t launched yet.

So, you can plainly see that the entire “creative outlet” thing was completely necessary for me!

It has literally dragged me away from the BOOB TUBE and gotten me reading and writing.  OK, folks, that is a positive, right?  I’m now catching the news on the computer and only watching the very most important shows that I DVR.  That’s cut TV time down by 90%.

Unfortunately, it has temporarily replaced my knitting habit…. but, I’ll find a balance sometime soon.

I’m not upset if I’m stuck waiting somewhere for kids or something… always have that book to read.  I can’t wait to blog the minute that I’m done.  I really wonder if people read my book reviews… I put a lot of thought into them.  I hope they do!

I can’t wait to be a blogger on a Book Tour!  It’s my goal.  Can’t wait!

I am a stat addict.  Lisa told me that would get better, soon.  She said that most new bloggers are really interested in stats.  I’m almost at 2,000 and I’m only a month and a half old.  That’s pretty fair, yes?

I’m going to bed at 3am now.  Yes, sleep is overrated.

I can write tidbits of HTML code.. who knew?

I now know what a MEME is.

I can meet so many cool people without leaving my house!  You guys are everywhere!  And, a lot of you are moms.  How great is that?

Thanks, J. Kaye… I’m totally happy that you tagged me.  Now, am I supposed to tag?  The people that I tag may already be tagged and have written on this topic, but here goes:

Thanks, J. Kaye, for giving me the opportunity to share and tag! 


6 Responses to Blogging 365…. J. Kaye Got Me!

  1. Yasmin says:

    Oh gosh I’ve been tagged…hehe…lol. Okay let me find out what I need to do and who I’m going to get even with…I mean tag. 😉

  2. J. Kaye says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing that. I love getting to know bloggers through their blog with memes like this. And let me just say, if you are at 2,000 and only a month and a half – wow! Look out. That is fantastic. I think it took me six months to get that many hits…lol!

  3. Amalia says:

    Cool theme for site! Where can i download it?

  4. Shana says:

    I read your book reviews, Sher!

    I love Tori Spelling. Looking forward to that – your FIFTH blog 🙂

    Okay, I’ll answer this one tomorrow!

  5. Thanks so much for tagging me! I’ll be making my post today.

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