Whose Blog I Love…?

Books on the Brain by Lisa

This entry is for My Friend Amy’s BBAW Appreciation week post contest.

I love, love, love Books on the Brain and TLC Book Tours.  Lisa is not only my personal mentor, but a wonderful and talented writer.  There are many blog posts that she writes that make me laugh aloud… or immediately flip on over to Amazon.Com to buy the books she reviews.  Recently, I was laughing, at midnight, in the dark, and facing a glowing screen, at her Book Review of Three Cups of Tea.

Lisa’s writings always give me visuals in my mind.  I have her RSS Feed and her postings come straight to my email.  I have a lot of RSS Feeds… but hers always is the first that I click.  I actually look forward to her posts and wonder where she goes if she misses a day!

Her Sunday Salons are the best and I appreciate her blog and influence more than you know~!


5 Responses to Whose Blog I Love…?

  1. Aw, thanks for your great postand your participation in BBAW. I love Lisa’s blog, too!

  2. lisamm says:

    Sheri! Wow, I’m honored. Thank you.

  3. Sher says:

    Lisa, I am honored that you’ve helped me so much!

  4. Books on the Brain is another of my favorites as well.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Hi. I discovered your blog from J. Kaye’s Book Blog. You have a nice one

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