We can come to France!

This article crossed my RSS Feed today:

MSNBC contributor
updated 7:03 p.m. PT, Mon., Sept. 8, 2008

While Brad Pitt is out and about, hopping between film festivals to promote his latest flick, “Burn After Reading,” Angelina Jolie’s remained in near-seclusion at their French home since giving birth to twins in July.

According to recent reports, the actress is so exhausted she’s unable to play with her children, much less join her partner’s publicity blitz.

“(Angie’s) been staying in bed most of the time,” a friend told In Touch. “All she does is nap. She has little or no appetite and has to force herself to remember to eat because she is still breast-feeding.”

The friend explained that Angelina is showing signs of what may be postpartum depression, as she “cries at the drop of a hat and laughs at inappropriate times,” but another insider disagrees.

It’s simply a case of severe fatigue that has the “Wanted” star down, a close source revealed to Star magazine. Raising six children, breast-feeding two of them, and recovering from a c-section is enough to drain anyone, after all.

“Angie feels so weak and uncomfortable that she can’t even sit on the ground and play Barbies with Zahara and Shiloh,” the source said. “She wants to be able to run around and play with her older kids.”

Okay, so maybe I’m being way too unsympathetic, but…. after I had the twins (also via c-section after 22 horus of labor), I was a walking zombie!  I was also the mother of two other daughters, then 13 and 11.  Although, I was 2 kids shorter than Jolie, I didn’t have millions of dollars and a barrage of personal nannies, teachers, nurses, house-keepers and chefs!  I didn’t sleep, nearly at all.  My face looked like a great advertisement for Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni Supreme!  I had roots longer than overgrown weeds.  I was in a constant state of bloating with my breasts leaking like champagne fountains.  It was not pretty…. just ask my ex-husband!

Yet, and I do say “yet”, I came home from the hospital and mopped floors that day!  I got up, took care of my older daughters, my husband, the pets, and the house.  I didn’t have much family to speak of to help out and I was tremendously lonely when the troops were away at school and work.  Although I was definitely what they’d consider “depressed,” I didn’t deem that as an excuse to not push through it.  I just did. (Picture me breast feeding both, simultaneously with no help at all and tears streaming down my face…)  Nobody at People Magazine called.  MSNBC didn’t write a “boo-hoo” article on my exhaustion.  Hell, I didn’t even get a friggin’ card!  And, Mother’s Day… well, let’s just let that topic pass!

Angelina…. your life is one that I can imagine has its down-sides to it.  I am sure that sometimes your quest for privacy is one that we’ll never fully or completely understand.  But, and, again there’s that “but,” your life is one filled with so much luck and love.  You’ve had the privilege of money (God, so much money… you never have to work again), fame, a hot husband (even though you did have to steal him), and world travel.  You can contribute to your causes, help countries and children in need, visit the UN, learn to fly (and, buy the plane), and enact change in our world.  You have made little girls want to be tough like you through your movies.  There is much, much, much that you have that I’m not sure you’ll ever be able to fully comprehend just how fortunate you are.  NOW:  Get out of bed, take a shower, and for God Sakes, eat something!  And, if none of that works, well, the twins and I are available for a year or so to live at the Chateau and lend a hand!  Yeah, we can fit that into our schedule!



9 Responses to We can come to France!

  1. Sher says:

    Well, thanks Annie!

  2. lisamm says:


    Yeah, poor Angelina. My heart bleeds. She suffers so much.

  3. Sher says:

    I know! Maybe we should send her flowers!

  4. Sher says:

    Or, french perfume!

  5. Shana says:

    As I read the feed you posted, I was thinking … she gets to stay in bed and nap all day long … how many moms get to do that? Most of us want to but probably only a very small percentage actually are able to. Yeah, nannies, cooks, housekeepers … they would definitely make that possible.

  6. Sher says:

    No doubt, Shana!

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