The Sunday Salon

Night time is the right time for my reading.  During the week, after the menagerie is in bed, I sit on my patio with either a great cup of tea or nice glass of wine and dig into my read of the day.  It’s so peaceful… the twins are in bed, Claire is in her crate, Tori is at my feet, the kitties are playing with furry mouse toy on the wood floor, the fish tanks have the midnight lights on, and I enjoy the slight ocean breezes… or marine fog (depending upon the night). 

I have been through many life changes in the past 4 months.  One drastic thing that has changed about me is that I watch MUCH less television and read four times more than I read before.  It’s changing the way that I relax and the way that I think.  I like this change in myself.  And… I can’t wait to blog about the book that I read and I must do it immediately after I finish the book so that my emotions about the book are very fresh in my mind.  Who is this girl?  Me?

This week, I am going through books on the bookshelf that I haven’t gotten around to because they weren’t peaking my interest as much as others.  This week, I am completing The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler.  Truthfully, I now wish that I hadn’t put it off.  I am really enjoying it, much more so than Back When We Were Grown Ups.  In any event, I only have approximately 30 pages left to finish the book and I’m hoping to actually do it this afternoon and not wait for the evening read.  Yeah… then it’s blog time!

I am so tired from a 40th Birthday party last night and may end up reading the remainder of the book in bed this afternoon.  I’m glad to join The Sunday Salon this week.


7 Responses to The Sunday Salon

  1. Memory says:

    I can totally relate to that desperate need to blog about a book the second it’s finished! Writing reviews has quickly become one of my favourite things about reaching the end of another read.

  2. Shana says:

    Sheri, I always wait a day or two before writing a review, but I always have to finish the review before I finish the next book, if that makes any sense.

    Okay, that picture you paint of sittting on the patio with a cup of tea or glass of wine and ocean breezes … I’m envious! I can do the tea or wine, but no ocean breezes here in the Midwest!

  3. There has been little opportunity for sitting outside and reading in the UK this year, but yes, it is my ideal way as well. Welcome to the Salon.

  4. I can understand turning off the television. Television is so passive, it s like being a big sponge. We have a television, but use it to watch videos not shows.

    I feel the urge to read all the time. It can be quite satisfying. Not to just read, but write about what I am reading.

    I can’t really blog about books the moment they are finished. I need to sometimes let the books gel in my mind for a few days so I have a clear idea of what to write about. I also have a need to write the short reviews out longhand before I put them in the computer.

  5. Gave up tv almost a year ago and can say I don’t miss it.

  6. lisamm says:

    It’s amazing how much reading time I have just from turning off the television. Although don’t bug me at 9pm on Thursday nights when The Office is on!

  7. Sher says:

    Yeah… Lisa… my favorite show! No way, No how missing that one!

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