Contest Update… What’s Your Menagerie?


Bloggers are a’ bloggin…

I’m loving the great blogs that are being submitted by you amazing and talented writers!  (We really should compile a book of the best book blogs for 2008… then, somebody can blog about us!).  Collections are great… and I’m loving reading about them and especially seeing the pictures.  Check out these responses:

And, Carol’s response:  “I collect books and blogs, of course! lol I also have two cats and I seem to be collecting grandchildren. My daughter has given me seven! The oldest two are twin boys and then she had two girls and then three more boys. I do a lot of babysitting!”  You’ve got to love that… grandchildren!

So, get in your responses and I’ll also add you to my blogroll so that my reading friends can check out your sites!

BTW:  If you haven’t already voted, some of my favorite bloggers, Books on the Brain, Literarily, and Maw Books are nominted for awards in Book Blogger Appreciation Week at My Friend Amy’s….. please vote for your favorites!


One Response to Contest Update… What’s Your Menagerie?

  1. Shana says:

    Thanks for the mention, Sheri.

    Carol, you sound like an awesome grandmother! WOW … hat’s off to your daughter with seven kids!

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