Finally Friday!

Finally, it’s Friday… but, no rest for us weary parents

Fridays have always been my favorite day of the week.  I always thought that Fridays are the days when you say “Thank God it’s Friday!”  Oh, so not the case for my household this week!  We still have yet to face a Friday evening soccer practice and mid-day game on Saturday (another 24 hours shot).  We are fortunate to have been invited to parties and social events, not to mention more soccer, over the weekend.  So, I won’t be able to rest until Sunday night.  Guess I’ll have to change my saying to “Thank God it’s Sunday!”  Well, at least God will like it!

Back to school week hit most of us this week.  First, I dealt with the over-emotional, fighting twin-tweens for the last 2 weeks leading up to “Back to School.”  Now, it’s more emotional adjustment because they are in school and are suffering worries and insecurities.  They feel strange in a new school and being the lower class men.  What do you do about changing in the locker room, Mom?  It’s so embarrassing!  For all those parent readers out there, you know what I mean!

It didn’t seem that long ago that Friday nights were my nights not to cook, read my People Magazine, have a glass of wine, and have the housecleaning service hit the house.  Now that I’m a stay at home mom, temporarily, there’s no extra money for those sorts of luxuries.  Friday is no longer my luxury day.  So, how will I find something fabulous in my Friday?  I hope that, like the picture above, that I am able to see things with a different perspective today and find fun in my Friday again.  So, it’s “Mission to find beauty and a few moments of peace day” today, breathe… and let God steer me through this one!

Happy survival week, to all moms out there!  You’ve done it!  Or, at least I hope!




3 Responses to Finally Friday!

  1. I am at home too, but I find that working at the library on my writing or taking the newspaper to Starbucks for a tea (where I sometimes have the opportunity to eavesdrop) can be a treat from the day to day.

    Yesterday I took a very long walk outdoors. It’s fall here now and the fields are mown and the air is crisp but not too cold yet.

    And as a special treat, I will drive into the city to window (occasionally really) shop for myself. Shopping for myself is a huge treat. Usually I am secret shopper for everyone else.

  2. Shana says:

    Sheri, I know what you mean about Fridays feeling different when you’re a stay-at-home-mom versus working outside the home. Totally different 🙂

    My oldest daughter’s transition to high school went more smoothly than I expected but my younger daughter started preschool and whew … emotional exhaustion to the max. We’re still dealing with it.

    Enjoy your weekend … sounds like a busy one!

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