The Safety of Secrets

Delaune Michel’s The Safety of Secrets invokes memories of my own…

Lisa M., who started me off on my first blogging venture about my passion for reading and books, lent me this novel to read, enjoy and perhaps even blog.  As this book was lent to me rather than me shopping it out, based on my taste, it was a bit fun to crack open the cover; almost like when a teacher gives you an assignment, but much more fun! 

Ms. Michel’s novel is set in the landscape of Hollywood/Los Angeles with its primary character and her best friend from childhood both living their dream as actresses.  From what I understand, Ms. Michel was herself an actress and wrote another work on her relationship with Warren Beatty (The Aftermath of Dreaming).  I believe her accurate description of something she knew well and personally experienced, added to my excitement in continuing the story.  The story is rich with different characters, some of which I have a great mental picture of as Michel did an excellent job in character development and description. 

What I struggled with, personally, in reading this novel, was the “back and forth” between the past and the present.  I would have preferred a more streamlined approach in the transitions.  Also, in some cases, I couldn’t understand why the protagonist felt as extremely as she did about circumstances she was under (i.e. throwing the clothes on the freeway). 

It was a good read, a relaxing read, and one that I would give a “7 out of 10 stars” on.  It didn’t affect me as deeply and personally as some other great works of fiction have, however it was an enjoyable book.  I was reminded of my life-long friendships and the secrets we share; ones that most likely would never make it to the husband’s ears!


5 Responses to The Safety of Secrets

  1. lisamm says:

    Hi Sheri, very nice review! I read but didn’t review this one, I think because I liked it but didn’t love it- it was just ok for me- plus I knew the author would be reading whatever I wrote. I guess that gave me a little stagefright. She did an interview with me. If you haven’t seen it you can check it out here:

    BTW your link doesn’t work when you leave comments! Check your settings. It’s an easy fix.

  2. lisamm says:

    PS Thanks for the shout out!!

  3. […] You can read fellow blogger Sheri’s review of The Safety of Secrets at a Novel Menagerie. […]

  4. Shana says:

    Great review, Sheri. I adore the cover of this book!

    I remember reading the author interview on Lisa’s site.

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