Unaccustomed Earth

My first experience with Jhumpa Lahiri was a good one…

I recently read Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa LahiriEight stories, all with similarities embracing the Indian culture and history, written to weave you into stories about relationships.  In the first story of Part One, “Unaccumstomed Earth” does a wonderful job capturing the reader.  I fell in love with Ruma’s father and the way that his visit impacted her life.  I equally enjoyed “A Choice of Accomodations” and “Only Goodness.”  As I understand that J. Lahiri is a “internationally best-seilling, Pulitzer Prize-Winning author,” I expected an incredible read in this collection of stories.  She does have a beautiful way of painting a picture in the reader’s mind so that you can vividly imagine the setting of the stories.  Her writing also kept me pulling for the enlightenment of the narrator of each particular story.

It was a good read.  Short stories are a nice change of pace.. like a buffet where you get a bit of multiple choices.  The common thread was the Indian culture’s impact on these American lives.  Guess it’s time to read that Pultizer Prize Winner, The Namesake.


3 Responses to Unaccustomed Earth

  1. Kayce says:

    I am in the middle of reading this book at the moment and have enjoyed the stories so far, however I was much more impressed by her 1st book of short stories called The Interpreter of Maladies, somehow those stories seemed to be richer and more daring than the ones in this book, but still they are all very very readable. I think that this author has a knack for giving you a fly on the wall experience that you can’t stop reading even if the story does not take you any place too interesting or dramatic. If you like reading books about Indian culture, I highly recommend a book called Brick Lane by Monica Ali (It was recently made into a movie, which was okay, but not nearly the imagery the book offers ~ but sadly that is always the case when they turn good books into movies.)

  2. lisamm says:

    I’m looking forward to this one. I loved Interpreter of Maladies and The Namesake.

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